Podcast: Star Wars: Dark Forces Special

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Our first special episode is a lavish tribute to the beloved February '95 release, Star Wars: Dark Forces! With the assistance of our guest host, Connor, we cover all aspects of LucasArts' ground-breaking first-person shooter from its technical and gameplay innovations to its design, story and legacy. Join us as we delve into the unseen realm of Imperial middle management and become audibly upset about the retconning of Kyle Katarn's facial hair.

In two weeks we'll be back with another normal episode covering the month's PC Gamer demo CD-ROM and the latest mid-90s PC news!

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This episode's music was captured from Dark Forces using an ESS AudioDrive 1868F ISA Sound Blaster Pro 2.0 clone. Dark Forces' music as composed by Clint Bajakian, based on the John Williams' original movie score.

Time Codes

  • 0:00 Introducing Our Special Guest, Connor
  • 1:02 Origins of Dark Forces
  • 3:36 Remembrances of Dark Forces
  • 10:36 Tech & Gameplay
  • 27:28 The Cast
  • 44:27 The Levels
  • 1:05:16 The Legacy
  • 1:18:02 Announcements & Sign-off

Music credit: Star Wars: Dark Forces. LucasArts Entertainment Company, 1995. Retrieved from retail DOS Dark Forces CD.

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