Podcast Episode 4: February 1995

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It's February of 1995, the FBI is knocking on Kevin Mitnick's door, Sensible Software is turning soccer pitches into warzones and EA is desperately hoping that PC gamers are getting tired of Doom, which, of course, they aren't. We remark on PC Gamer's lamentations over the latest crop of FMV games before sharing our experiences with the demos on their third CD-ROM including Magic Carpet, Cannon Fodder, System Shock, Quarantine, Flash Traffic and Boppin', a puzzle game that is puzzling in most unexpected ways. If you're playing along, we encourage you to reach out and share your impressions with us on Twitter and Instagram where we're posting as @smugnplay.

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Time Codes

  • 0:36 Context
  • 7:43 Industry News aka Windows 95 Watch
  • 14:45 Feb 95 Issue Roundup
  • 19:10 Feb 95 Reviews
  • 29:47 Feb 95 Disc Demos
  • Demos in order: Cannon Fodder, System Shock, The Grandest Fleet, Boppin’, Cyberia, Flash Traffic, Quarantine, Retribution, Novastorm, Magic Carpet
  • 53:34 Announcements & Sign-off

Audio Credits

  • 0:00 Flash Traffic: City of Angels. Time Warner Interactive, 1994. Retrieved from PC Gamer Disc 3.
  • 7:13 Cannon Fodder. Virgin Interactive Entertainment, 1994. Retrieved from PC Gamer Disc 3.
  • 14:20 & 18:56 & 28:55 System Shock. Looking Glass Studios Inc., 1994. Retrieved from PC Gamer Disc 3.
  • 52:40 Magic Carpet. Electronic Arts Inc., 1994. Retrieved from PC Gamer Disc 3.

All music was captured from an ESS Audio Drive 1868F sound card on Auston's Pentium 100 rig.

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