Podcast Episode 5: March 1995

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This month on Smug and Play, the tide of mediocre FMV games washes up some of the industry's least convincing South American drug lords. After a brief discussion of the advent of Yahoo! Search and quad-speed CD-ROM drives, we dive into PC Gamer's preview Cryo's disastrous, infringing take on the Aliens franchise as well as the first annual PC Gamer awards! There are heaps of mediocrity to be found on the March '95 disc including Under a Killing Moon, Drug Wars, Cyclemania, Shadows of Cairn, US Navy Fighters, Brett Hull '95, The Lemmings Chronicles, Virtuoso, Spectre VR, The Incredible Machine 2, World Cup Golf and Wings of Glory. If you're playing along, we encourage you to reach out and share your impressions with us on Twitter and Instagram where we're posting as @smugnplay.

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Audio Credits

  • 0:00 Cyclemania. Accolade, Inc., 1994. Retrieved from PC Gamer Disc 4.
  • 3:35 and 39:30 Under A Killing Moon. Access Software, 1994. Retrieved from retail Under A Killing Moon Disc 1.
  • 8:29 and 19:08 Shadows of Cairn. Masque Publishing, 1994. Retrieved from PC Gamer Disc 4.
  • 29:28 Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars. American Laser Games, 1994. Retrieved from PC Gamer Disc 4.
  • 55:54 The Incredible Machine 2. Sierra Entertainment, 1994. Retrieved from PC Gamer Disc 4.

All music was captured from an emulated Sound Blaster AWE32 reproduced by PCem v15.

Time Codes

  • 0:39 Context
  • 4:16 Industry News
  • 8:56 Mar 95 Previews & Looking Glass Feature
  • 19:35 The First Annual PC Gamer Awards
  • 29:55 Mar 95 Disc Demos
  • Demos in order: Shadows of Cairn, World Cup Golf, Cyclemania, Drug Wars, U.S. Navy Fighters, Under a Killing Moon, Wings of Glory, Brett Hull ‘95, The Lemmings Chronicles, Spectre VR, Virtuoso, The Incredible Machine 2
  • 56:34 Announcements & Sign-off

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