Podcast Episode 6: Descent

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In this week's episode we consider another landmark title in the evolution of 3D gaming, Parallax Software's Descent. Enjoy an in-depth discussion of what is almost certainly 1995's best game involving a robot insurrection in an extraterrestrial mining colony! Experience secondhand the unsettling realization that your cohosts are considerably less smitten with the title you've selected for a special episode! But amidst our 'dissent', at least we can agree that the music sounds pretty rad through Yamaha DS-XG MIDI. As always, we encourage you to reach out and share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Instagram where we're posting as @smugnplay.

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Time Codes

  • 0:37 Intros & Seamus Blackley Revisited
  • 5:08 Remembrances of Descent
  • 11:30 Descent Origins & Tech
  • 22:33 The Story
  • 26:30 Gameplay & Levels
  • 40:32 The Music
  • 44:06 The Legacy of Descent
  • 1:03:29 Sign-off

Audio Credit: Descent. Parallax Software, 1995. Retrieved from retail Descent CD-ROM using General MIDI through Yamaha DS-XG.

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