About the Show

With early DOS nostalgia at a fever pitch, my brother and I couldn't help but feel that the Windows 9X era wasn't getting its due. In the seven-year span from 1995 through 2001, hardware and software evolved at an unprecedented rate, producing technologies and creative works whose impact continue right up to the present day.

Smug and Play is journeying through the Win9X era month-by-month, beginning in December of 1994 when PC Gamer Magazine released its first coverdisc. In each episode we share gameplay and our impressions of the demos on that month's CD-ROM as well as the technological advances and cultural shifts that enabled them - all with our trademark smugness.


As of January 2020, Smug and Play is posting video episodes with gameplay footage from mid-90s PC Gamer demo discs, discussion of contemporary industry news and more! Check out our YouTube channel and please like, comment and subscribe.